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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Sunrise, sunset, before and after, Braeside

A northerly wind has been blowing here for well over a week.
Thankfully it has been a cool one, not hot like northerlies can get.
Dusty yes, but so pleased it has been cool.
Our night skies and sunrises/sunsets are normally magic every day, but some days are more special than others.
BRA_4270 sunset Braeside
We have been mustering and doing yard work at Braeside for the last week.
The crew are camped over there but I have been traveling back and forth. (animals at home, bore/water runs to do etc etc)
The one night (6th October) I stayed over this was the sunset at Braeside.
BRA_4275 Braeside Twilight
After the sun had gone the colour of the sky was mystical. The dust the northerly had whipped up as well as a yard full of cattle makes a pretty haze, still generic diclofenac sodium topical gel being touched by the after glow of the sun.
BRA_4280 piccaninni dawn Braeside
Next mornings Piccaninni dawn……
BRA_4281 sunrise Braeside
…..followed by the sunrise, again the dust making magic colours added by the suns presence.
BRA_4482 moon & planet Braeside
The moon this morning was magic.
I had an extra early morning today. I had to be at Braeside for yard work, #BossMan said “be here at 6am please.”.
I was amazed by the moon when I left home. I lost sight of it while traveling as it became higher in the sky.
When I stopped to open the one gate on the way to Braeside (5.48am) this was the sight that I behold when I stepped out of the car.
How magical?
BRA_4483 piccaninni dawn, moon, planet, Braeside
The moon and a planet amongst the blue while the dawn’s colours break on the horizon.

BRA_4485 sunrise Braeside

…..and then the sun says Good Morning.


  1. BB 

    Glorious… love your skies!!!

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