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Thanks to RAPAD I’m a Digital Champion

Today was the launch of the inaugural Queensland Digitals Champions  and thanks to RAPAD for nominating me to be one of them.
IMG_6867 Digital Champions
What got me to this point?

Let’s go back a few years to 2011 when I started up a Facebook account and a few months later a Twitter account at an Agforce workshop that taught members how “Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”” My Twitter account sat idle for a fair while as I concentrated on my Facebook account.
IMG_6876 Ann and sign Digital Champions

Let us go back even a few more years, it could have been around 2000 when I started up my website where I wanted to use my photography to tell our story, our communities story and the Outback’s story that I am privileged to capture with my camera. Step forward to 2011 and a whole new world was opened to me via social media to get my photography out there to tell this story.
IMG_6871 Digital Champions David, Joy, Ann
Myself with David Arnold RAPAD General Manager and Joy McClymont 

Also in 2011, 4 Corners aired “A Bloody Business” which showed horrendous cruelty to cattle in Indonesian abattoirs. I wondered how I could help my fellow beef producers whose sole income was derived from live export, and whose livelihood had been pulled from under their feet overnight, through no fault of their own, I turned to social media to try to help.
IMG_6887 Digital Champions Joy, Minister, Ann
Joy McClymont, Minister Leanne Enoch and myself

So My Social Media “Crusade” began and has continued and broadened hugely.

My second ever blog 3 February 2012 Life, Internet, Challenges, Benefits, Blogging came about after ABC Open asked me to be a guest blogger.
IMG_6889 ABC radio interview Digital Champions
Rob Mailer and myself in the ABC Brisbane studio.
I’ve been interviewed by the ABC in my dining and lounge rooms as well as out in the paddock, this was my first interview in an ABC studio
You can hear the interview here

Some people have very negative feedback about social cheap diclofenac uk media, I say, like everything in life, it is what you make it. I would like to turn negatives into positives on social media, as I try to do in life. When I read wrongs on social media, especially as they relate to agriculture, I like to counter these opinions with links to science, facts and industry bodies plus my own opinion. Some on social media, like anywhere in life, won’t change their opinion no matter how many  facts, real world knowledge or information is put in front of them. Some ask why I bother debating these people, I reply that I know I won’t change their minds but many people watching the debate may learn from my posts or tweets and from others with unique perspectives and experiences who join the discussions as they evolve.

I have made numerous real life connections via social media, through agriculture and photography. To try and name all of them would be guaranteed epic failure as there are so many I would be sure to miss some out. I am blessed to have so much support from many on social media.

One of my very special tweeps said to me the other day when she read the “who har” of the launch on Twitter “don’t forget the little people.” I would like to think I would never forget the “little people” I may have been given an accolade but without the network of people on social media backing me, joining me, educating me and supporting me I would not have achieved this status. There is no I in team. The words social media themselves doesn’t allow for any solitary achievements and the whole purpose of this “Queensland Digital Economy Strategy and Action Plan” is to join people together via social media and digital inclusion. So I wear this recognition with pride knowing that I have a great network engaging with me allowing me to continue my crusade.

It was a real pleasure to be at the launch yesterday, to learn what others have achieved, to listen to Helen Milner, International speaker and Hon Leanne Enoch, Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Science and Innovation.

Congratulation also to Joy McClymont another western Queensland Digital Champion nominated by RAPAD.

Thanks again RAPAD

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