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Ann Britton Outback Photography

The Great Clown Rescue

Jacob 1

I don’t usually continue taking photos when the clowns move in. I just wanted to highlight what an amazing job they do, as well as show what a great ride Jacob put in before he needed help.
I’ve always admire “protections clowns” yes they are paid to do their job but I love the way they just put themselves on the line for (most of the time) complete strangers, to get job done.
Leaim & his team have always done an extra special job at the Boulia Rodeo over the last 10 years.

Jacob 2Jacob left the chutes at 5.35:24
Jacob 3Jacob sits pretty for the whole 8 second he is required to do

Jacob 4Looking good

Jacob 5Jacob puts in a great ride

Jacob 6

11 seconds

Jacob 7

Clowns moving in from all sides

Jacob 8From this moment on Owen, protection clown, doesn’t let go of Jacob

Jacob 9

Owen putting himself between bull and Jacob

Jacob 10Notice Owen hasn’t let go of Jacob and still trying to get between bull and him

Jacob 11Owen puts himself over Jacob while Scotty and Leaim move in

Jacob 12Owen is still holding onto Jacob and forcing himself to try and cover him

Jacob 13Owen has put his body over Jacob

Jacob 14Still holding on to Jacob with legs of bulls basically stepping all over Owen is doing a magic job

Jacob 15Bull is distracted by other clowns while Owen still concentrates on getting Jacob clear

Jacob 16Owen making sure Jacob is under the rails. From time Jacob started coming off bull until now was whole 8 seconds. Just goes to show how quick this fellows have to think on their feet.

Jacob 175.35:24

21 seconds later, Jacob is under the rails and safe, Owen now looks to get himself out of the road. Thankfully Jacob walked away from this, all thanks to Owen & team mates summing up the situation & acting to do their job so well.



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