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Ann Britton Outback Photography

The Little Things in Life

16 June.
I have had the pleasure of spending time with friends in Brisbane, before I met up with #BossMan in Melbourne. I caught up with some very special young people in my life and while in Brisbane I got my camera and lenses cleaned.
So yesterday, after dropping my camera off to be cleaned, a drive into the hinterland of Sunshine Coast was explored with a dear friend of mine chauffeuring me.
We missed the Dayboro Rodeo by a day.
I realised taking landscape photos from moving car window is very different with an iPhone than my camera. That power lines are overrated, like seriously who needs those things 😉

The detail in this cenotaph rifle and bullet belt are great. Dayboro has more modern statues to commemorate their War service men beside this older one.
IMG_5123 copy
Beautiful pink leaves enjoying a natural drink of water.
IMG_5126 copy
Paper bark texture and colour with the lush deep green leaves makes a great combination.
IMG_5127 copy
Natural light shining through beautiful green leaves making different hues of green against the paper bark.IMG_5129 copy
I just delight in moss growing on anything. Something you never see in the Outback.
IMG_5131 copy
We saw the ducks on the road before we saw the sign.
IMG_5134 copy
Yes we have tree lined roads in the Outback, but some how different to these.
IMG_5135 copy
We saw the clouds on the mountains.
IMG_5138 copy
Then we were in the clouds on the mountain.
IMG_5139 copyNot safe to pull over on twisting roads I found myself taking photos out the window……looks so mystical.
IMG_5140 copy
Lights are on, clouds hanging generic diclofenac epolamine over the mountains makes for interesting driving and scenic viewing.
IMG_5141 copySome no doubt find driving in this not so enjoyable, especially if they have to deal with it often, but since it is rather a novelty to me, I thoroughly enjoyed this windy drive amongst lush vegetation up in the clouds.
IMG_5149 copyThis is part of someones front fence and I thought it was just awesome, that we had to stop and take a photo.
IMG_5151 copyI tried to take a photo over the weeds of the view from one of the tourist stops, but failed, but the view of the Glass House Mountains amongst the clouds is still spectacular. Yes you can see the sea.
IMG_5156 copy
A “black boy” and moss covered rock make a lovely display at the tourist stop.
Magnificent trees in the park opposite a church at Montville
IMG_5159 copy
Another treasure found at Montville. Who remembers these and how the phone inside them worked with the A and B buttons?
IMG_5163 copyThe view out onto the street, from inside a wonderful cafe, where we had lunch at Montville, as the rain poured down.
IMG_5162 copyLunch before we headed back to Brisbane and “things” that had to be done, fish and home made chips and salad I very much enjoyed….
IMG_5161 copy
….washed down with a Mojito.
The little things in life are very much enjoyed every day of my life, better when making memories with friends and family, I hope you enjoy them in your life too.

  1. Greg Phelan 

    Absoutly magnificent Ann, we have lots of roads winding through timbered hills, I could collect lots of Giga bytes with a Go-Pro somedays when I go out, especially up into the Dndenongs,In the monster Mountain Ash.

    Regards Greg

  2. annbritton 

    Oh Greg, love Mountain Ash, great to photograph. Imagine tales they could tell if they could talk those big old trees.

  3. Greg Phelan 

    Absoutly magnificent Ann


  4. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    Mist and fog just make things so pretty although not having heaps of experience it isn’t the easiest to drive in, especially on windy roads. What a beautiful view of the Glasshouse Mountains.

  5. annbritton 

    Oh Anne I’m so sorry I haven’t replied to your comments earlier.
    My laptop won’t start & these comments didn’t come through on my email.
    Twas truly lovely drive & pleasure being passenger enjoying view and capturing.

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