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“The Little Things” Sunrise

Yesterday I did a post on my Facebook photography page  #thelittlethings
Today’s sunrise I thought I would share in a blog, yes it is the same sunrise, 7 photos in a time span of 7 mins.
Please remember I am standing in a #wideopenspace, very flat, can see for miles, paddock.
I am zoomed into the sunrise, so the intensity of colour would be “amplified.’ I did this for a reason, I can see the magic around where the sun appears, but if I used a smaller lens to show more landscape and sky, would the viewer see the magic?
BRA_2799 copy

Lots and lots of sunrises have been very similar out here lately, as there has been no cloud. It only takes a hint of cloud to make a wonderful plain sunrise into a glorious sunrise or sunset.
Before the sun showed itself, the wispy cloud overhead was a lovely shade of pink.
2mins after sunrise

One of my favourite #thelittlethings is waking up on top side of the grass
3mins after sunrise

I get to see these beautiful sunrises many times over and I often wish I could share this view with many more people.
Zoomed back out to give an idea of scale.
4mins after sunrise

But there is a huge difference in sharing and people actually “seeing” the beauty.
6mins after sunrise

If people can feel, see, be amazed, at what Mother Nature has painted “that” is a truly great pleasure of mine.
8mins after sunrise

Yes I can take a photo, yes I have a good camera but can I capture it so that others can see the beauty in it, see the bigger picture in it, be grateful for the energy in a sunrise and what it means for life.
8mins after sunrise

It is just a given the sun will be there again tomorrow……what if it wasn’t…..what in your life really matters?

As the saying goes “Appreciate the little things, for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things”

9mins after sunrise

  1. Greg Phelan 

    Ann The little things are the beautiful things, waking up on top of the grass, has got to be the best, because if you don’t wake up you got a problem and the little things don’t matter. Question time (he’s a bloody stickey beak) did you have the camera on a fence post or freehand? cause they are magnificent pics.

  2. annbritton 

    That is exactly right Greg, appreciating waking up would make some people’s days a whole lot better. Stop and think what is taken for granted and appreciate them a little more and just maybe, some things that are made dramas of, will pale into insignificance.
    Freehand Greg, rarely use tripod or monopod, but I have both.
    Thanks for the compliment, as always, appreciated.

  3. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    A spectacular sunrise and you have certainly shared its beauty. There is something about clouds that make sunrises and sunsets amazing. I have noticed our sun in rising earlier so if I want sunrise photos I need to get my butt organised in the morning. The little things are what make life wonderful, even if sometimes we forget it. I am glad this sunrise got your day started on a positive foot. Keep enjoying the small things.

  4. annbritton 

    It was a spectacular sunrise Anne and so pleased you see the beauty, I am so very pleased.
    Yes in the last week or so the sunrise has gone to being just after 7am to just before. The days are getting longer, Spring just around the corner, some trees in the garden have announced the arrival of this “new life” season, already.
    I hope you capture those sunrises Anne and that you enjoy the little things with me.

  5. Locksmith Sunrise 

    Greatly motivating.

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