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UFO Invasion

I love clouds, preferably big dark “full of water” clouds that empty their contents where it’s needed. But I also love them for their artistic nature in making big sky photographs from being rather ordinary to transpiring them into spectacular captures, even with just a wisp of cloud.

UFO cloud 1

But clouds also bring out the child in me, they urge my imagination into gear, finding shapes amongst them.

UFO cloud 2

The other day, when once again looking to the heavens, just in case the clouds decided they were going to do something different and actually rain, I couldn’t help but think we were getting invaded, by UFOs.

UFO cloud 4

They were everywhere, seemingly a bit different depending on the thickness of the cloud.

UFO cloud 5

Whichever direction you looked these UFO shaped clouds were there, their scientific terminology would most likely be lenticular, but I wouldn’t be 100% on that.

UFO cloud 3
One thing I am guaranteed of is these UFO clouds, that weren’t useful for rain, sure did make an impressive sunset.

Sunset UFO cloud


Footnote: These photos were taken 24 November 2013

  1. BB 

    VERY cool… even cooler knowing that now it HAS rained. Can’t wait for the update Ann.

  2. annbritton 

    oh Amanda please forgive me, I just realised this was here, learning learning, appreciate your comment/s very much

  3. Anne 

    They are interesting clouds. What is it about them that brings out the imagination and makes a sky so interesting? Love you UFOs. Pity they weren’t good for ain though.

  4. annbritton 

    I think if they were larger UFOs Anne they could very well be full of rain but not this time, we have had some lovely relief storm, which were just magic, which I hope to blog about real soon, thanks very much for stopping by leaving a comment, very much appreciated

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