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Up in the clouds (Brisbane to Melbourne)

17 June (my iPhone getting a work out again for this blog)
I love flying, but my body doesn’t like flying. Even for big plane flights I take motion sickness tablets. I’m pleased to say that with a lot of more regular flights in last few years I can actually look out the window and enjoy the view.

Taking off from Brisbane, where it had been mostly cloudy since arriving on the 13 June, heading north first.

IMG_5177 copy
As we banked to turn & head south, you can see the cloud hanging over Brisbane.
IMG_5178 copy
As we climb higher…
IMG_5179 copy
….you can see the Brisbane River and city clearer….
IMG_5180 copy
….but just as quickly it disappears under a blanket of cloud.
IMG_5181 copy
As the outskirts of Brisbane can just be seen, the cloud becomes thicker.
IMG_5193 copy
It is like another world, above the clouds, for as far as you can see, cloud below and blue sky above.
IMG_5185 copy
I like watching the flight path on the TV….
IMG_5187 copy
…..and the stats.
IMG_5199 copy
There was a bit of a break in the cloud, not long before Melbourne.
IMG_5200 copy
But we flew amongst the cloud as we approached Melbourne.
IMG_5201 copy
Cloud below and above. Yes I did wish I could take this cloud home with me, but I found out that Melbourne and surrounded area needed rain also, so I was hoping it was raining on those that needed it
The beginning of our Melbourne holiday had begun.

  1. Greg Phelan 

    Not bad pics for a phone Anne, shame the clouds were there and we didn’t get much rain


  2. annbritton 

    Yes know that feeling Greg, lots of cloud & little or no rain
    Thanks re nice comment about pics from plane.

  3. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    I love looking from up above and I’m glad you’re body has learnt to let you enjoy the trip a little more. I love the info you can get about where you are and the plane info. It is always interesting.

  4. annbritton 

    I love chopper flying too Anne,
    Last time I went I was terrible sick. Closed in chopper. Think doorless suits me better. Still enjoyed flight over Katherine Gorge & surrounding area.
    Yes I marvel these big planes can get off ground & love the view from up high. Last few times I’ve flown it has been cloudy but flight very smooth. Love pilots that know their job well. Ann

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