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Ann Britton Outback Photography

Yarding, drafting, trucking, old fat cows.

As I walk down to the cattle yard, I head straight towards this….

IMG_3729 Cows Goodwood 1

Can anyone guess why the pump is on a drum?

The pump and hose are to water the yard

IMG_3730 Cows Goodwood 2

Settling the dust, makes working in the yards more comfortable to both our stock and crew.

IMG_3731 Cows Goodwood 3

The crew turned up a bit sooner than I estimated so I had to put a hold on watering so they could yard up.
That is our lagoon you can just see at the back of the yard.

ABR_8305 Cows Goodwood 4

Can’t see any cattle as yet.
This is the lane-way the crew will use to walk the cattle into the yard.

ABR_8310 Cows Goodwood 5

But I didn’t have to wait long. I can hear the cattle lowing to each other and the motorbikes idling along behind the cows, guiding them to the yards.

ABR_8309 Cows Goodwood 6

The cows legs seem to mat together in the heat waves.

ABR_8314 Cows Goodwood 7

I thought I better move out of the yard & I hid behind a tree. Usually I’m on the tail of the cattle, helping yard up.

ABR_8317 Cows Goodwood 9

I’m pleased my little red boy, Junior, behaved himself, keeping an eye on me and the cattle, but also out of the way.

ABR_8322 Cows Goodwood 8

I was taking a risk, being where I was. I could have spooked the cattle, so that makes getting these captures a bit nerve wracking but exciting all the same.
If I was responsible for turning these diclofenac generic for voltaren cattle back on our crew I would have felt very guilty.

ABR_8323 Cows Goodwood 10

Thankfully these old fat cows walked with no worries, no (extra) noise, and no trouble into the yard.

These girls had been drafted on another block, and walked to our house yard. Our stock agent from Winton came and drafted off the cows required for trucking and the leftovers were trucked, using our body truck, back to where they come from.

ABR_8334 Cows Goodwood 11

The next morning, at dawn, after coffee/tea and toast, the girls were loaded onto six decks, cattle road train.

ABR_8337 Cows Goodwood 12

After capturing shots I could share with you, I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast which consisted of steak and onion gravy.

ABR_8343 Cows Goodwood 13

I think I have mentioned before that diesel runs through my veins, bit of a rev head, these machines amaze me.

ABR_8351 Cows Goodwood 14

Our driver today, Justin, we treasure, as we know he will give 100% to get his precious cargo to the Winton Sale yards.

ABR_8343 Cows Goodwood 15

From there they will be loaded onto a train to the meatworks.

ABR_8371 Cows Goodwood 16

Bye girls, safe travel Justin

Footnote: I love it that my photos can tell a story.
I’ve tried to add some words so that you can better understand the story.
This is the norm for me, a job that I have done numerous times.
So if there is any questions, please, feel free to ask.

  1. Anne@Grit and Giggles 

    I love this series, it certainly tells a story of a very important part of your life. I used to find that as long as you seemed like part of scenery (still and close to something like trees) the cattle never minded that you were there. Love the cattle walking up the lane way and the track shot with dust are just plain cool.

  2. annbritton 

    Thanks Anne for dropping by and commenting.
    I think it may be that I’ve had it drummed into me about standing in front of cattle and being in the road. These were bought cows too plus I was also hoping my little red dog didn’t do anything that would upset the mob.
    Yes I have a soft spot for one of the shots of the cattle walking up the lane, please with the outcome of my adventure 🙂

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