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Ann Britton Outback Photography

YES this is Boulia

While sitting at the kitchen table the other day I looked down at the lagoon and saw this.
Don’t you think it is magic?
BRA_7336 Junior Lagoon pigweed
Junior and Artie were well behaved and stayed with me while I got a few shots in before they went for a dip and play in the water.
Junior showing the height of the pigweed.
We will bring weaners home from the Black Mountain muster that will start this week, to put on this feed. Considering we have had only storm rain at the Mountain we can put the cows where rain has fallen and put their weaners on this feed, thanks to flood waters from rain further north.

Kimberly came home the other day and said “Oh Annie you should see Scarsdale (one of our blocks 45kms north of here) it’s green and double crossing is running with clear water, it is so nice”
Two thngs came to mind when she stated this
I love that fact that our non-family crew, Tojo and Kimberly, are so very pleased with our country and its reaction to the rain it has received. Their passion for their work, life, community that they have adopted is so very pleasing.
I need to take a drive to Scarsdale. Photography mind kicks in: about midday so shadows are a minimal and I can ask B&B to come with me for a drive, they will most likely like that.
So midday Saturday 13th February, I picked B&B up from their place and we headed north, to Scarsdale, 45km away.
This photo is of Double Crossing, it comes off the Wills River.

The rocks across this crossing are so interesting. I would say their history would be a fascinating one.

Did I ever mention I love the character of trees?
Each one unique, if only they could talk, the stories they could tell.
BRA_1107 Scarsdale when double crossing dry
It is pretty without water……..(this photo taken December 2014)
……but when the trees green is brought back to life with water, when there is green grass, when the rocks are polished clean from a bit of H2o flowing over them, then it is even prettier.
The cattle will enjoy this very much, food, water and shade in one spot. There are no cattle around this area at the moment, they, the limited number we have on Scarsdale at the moment, are out the back with surface water, green feed and shade.
Same little tree, different angle.

Just so inviting.
This is Scarsdale lagoon, like Goodwood lagoon, the cattle use this lagoon for shade but walk to our solar bore, across the main road, about 1km for a drink of water.
Being a little artistic at the lagoon at Scarsdale.
Coolibah with a view, at the lagoon at Scarsdale.
An interesting thing I found out yesterday that Wikipedia says Coolibah can be spelt with an i or an a, Coolabah or Coolibah.
Bit of “depth of field” play……
…..with my zoon lens that I haven’t used for some time.
BRA_7372 mucklyndrama crossing

This is Mucklandama Crossing about 35km north of Boulia. On the way to Scarsdale, on this crossing, we witnessed a black goanna walking across the road in front of us coming from down stream with a fish in its mouth.
BRA_6081 28 12 15 Mucklandama in flood
This is the same crossing on the 28 December 2015 when the first waters from rain in the north started filling our water ways.
I remember when Rick and I, most likely 1984/5, went to Scarsdale to do some work and while there this crossing came up fast. It was dry when we went up and was 0.4 on way back. All creeks north of the Lower Limestone at Boulia run very fast even when not very deep. Rick thought it best for me to ride in the tray of the Toyota over the crossing just in case we were swept over and I could jump clear of the car. No doubt he had planned his escape route too. The windows would have generic diclofenac sodium gel been down anyway as we didn’t have a vehicle with aircon back then. All I could think of was if I was going to have to jump, it would be into the rocks, better than being in the vehicle no doubt. We made it with no troubles what so ever.
BRA_7371 mucklyndrama crossing
There is something special about the sound of running water. The flood water has cleared itself via natural filters.BRA_7373
Looking downstream from the middle of Mucklandama Crossing on Saturday.
BRA_6077 28 12 15 Mucklandama in flood
Looking downstream from the edge of Mucklandama Crossing on 28 December 2015
Looking upstream from Mucklandama Crossing on Saturday
Doesn’t it look so tranquil, peaceful and calming?
BRA_6076 28 12 15 Mucklandama in flood
Mucklandama Crossing on 28/12/15 looking upstream
The black goanna wasn’t the only animal we saw fishing from Mucklandama Creek.
B&B, stick to the edge of the water on the crossing while I walk in it to take photos. The mould was thrown away when these two were made, they are very special people in our world.
Downstream from the Mucklandama Crossing you are level with the upstream side, making the view extra interesting.
Such a precious commodity, that gives so much………basically.
BRA_6078 28 12 15 Mucklandama in flood
A magic view, foaming flood water, across Mucklandama Crossing 28 December 2015. Five adults witnessed this, each and everyone thrilled at the glorious sight.
Sand built up on the southern side, down stream, with buffle grass growing nicely on the bank of Mucklandama Creek.
An oasis in the middle of nowhere.
The rocks, the trees, the green, the water….it was so good to soak it all in. There was also the heat and the flies that can’t be seen.

Another angle, another view.
The last photo of Mucklandama Crossing from Saturday.
We called into The Barracks on the way home, just to have a look. This waterhole has never been empty as far as anyone “local” can remember. It is downstream from Mucklandama Crossing. The main creek is further over.
The photo of Mucklandama in the above link, I took, on the 28 December many moons ago, in my film camera.
Ghost Gums, green foliage, green grass and blue sky, I love this combination for a few reasons.
Dead tree branches making an artistic statement behind a red rock.
Me, trying to be artistic with trees, rock and “green” at The Barracks. We used the picnic area to eat the sandwiches and drink the coffee Mrs B had prepared for our outing. She is a gem.
After dropping B&B back home I drove around the back of Boulia to witness this view of the Robert O’Hara Burke Bridge over the Burke River, just on the east side of town. The bridge was opened on the 7 of June 1963.
BRA_6533 copy ground in house paddock wavey wind

Driving home across our paddocks that have only received 25mm of rain, you can see a hint of green struggling to make its way through the stubble that is left (the hot continuous wind we have experienced since after Christmas has made the paddocks near home look worse for wear. There is even ripples in the ground from the wind being so persistent this photo taken on 5 January this year) With the weather we have had lately, 40 plus in the shade, we must remember it is summer and that is normal, the little bit of green that is showing in our house paddock won’t last long, unless follow up rain is not far away.
So I feel very blessed for the storm rain that we have received on other blocks. I also feel extremely grateful that others have shared their rain via our channels. Yes I would dearly love some rain at Goodwood, but it could be extremely worse than what we are experiencing now. Bonus: it still has time to rain, our wet season is not over.
So being able to travel 45km north to one of our blocks and through neighbours, to be amongst green feed, running creeks and revived environment was most enjoyable.



  1. Geoff Dridan 

    Looks amazing Ann. The outback transforms once the rains come. You wouldn’t think it was the same country!! Scarsdale station was in the Price family for sometime I believe. Farqhuar Matheson (Price) being the first of the line. His brother Hugh Matheson was my wife’s Great Grand Father. The family grew up in Scarsdale, Victoria hence the Station name. Why Farqhuar changed his name to Price I am not sure. This is what I have been told anyway. Love your work Ann.

  2. annbritton 

    G’day Geoff, how slack of me in my late reply, sorry about that. Mr and Mrs Jack Price left their mark on Scarsdale and their life and history, will be remembered by us, I would say forever. They did not live an easy life by any means.
    Thanks so much for your kind words Geoff, very nice of you, Ann

  3. Greg Phelan 

    Beautiful Ann,,

  4. annbritton 

    Thanks Greg, bit late in the replying from my end, sorry about that.
    The use of my phone is a necessary evil but it keeps me in touch with my SM following as my camera hasn’t the technology to do so. But there is nothing like using my camera to capture images. Love it with a passion, so it is my weapon of choice most times. Ann

  5. Nadege 

    Such a beautiful place! It must be so incredible when the first rain comes.

  6. annbritton 

    Oh Nadege, I’m so pleased you can see the beauty, it is that indeed. But I find the beauty when it is dry as well, it is amazing country and incredible when rain comes, I hope I can show that off soon. Ann

    Apologises for the late reply

  7. BB 

    Awesome images Ann!!!!
    Loved this blog post.

  8. annbritton 

    I’m very pleased that you loved this blog post Amanda and the images, thanks so much, Ann

    Please excuse my late reply

  9. CountryMum 

    Nature is pretty awesome how it transforms. Great photos Ann.

  10. annbritton 

    It is amazing Country Mum and thanks so much for the kind words and sorry for my late reply, Ann

  11. Harry May 

    Beautiful photos Ann love the natural colours

  12. annbritton 

    Hey Harry, my great challenge is to reproduce the colours I see, just as nature puts them there, so that you get to see them as they are, so thanks heaps for your comment and so sorry for late reply. Ann

  13. Anne@GritandGiggles 

    What an amazing spot you live in, the contrasts. I could spend ages exploring and taking photos. I hope there is more rain to come.

  14. annbritton 

    G’day Anne, I have to agree with you it is an amazing spot with a great deal of contrasts in short spaces of area. Yes can easily spend a lot of time taking photos and exploring. I sincerely hope that rain will come soon also. My apologises for the late reply. Ann

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